Owl horoscopes

Out of duty to my friends and you guessed it! A lack of content, I present to you all some horoscopes for the Owls on the We Wear Blue shirt. May I first commend Brandeis for getting rid of the owl as our mascot yet still using it. Good job, guys. Really teaching your students […]

A review of life in Rosie

The Rosenthal Quad is in every way the epitome of Brandeis housing in that it can be described in the same way as the sixth season of New Girl: “eh”. Although Rosie comes in as the second-best place to live for sophomores, Skyline takes top honors, Rosie has difficulty maintaining its second place standing. As […]

Rugby, all around you

“Because I’d support a hooker, and you’d support a hooker, we’d all support a hooker together!” You may not understand the reference made there, or generally support the hooker industry, but just as those two props are supporting that poor hooker in the middle; rugby is the prop on which a lot of society relies […]

In the Senate, April 25

The Dining Committee told the senate that they were planning a Tik Tok inspired event in the dining halls on May 4. It would feature dishes from the popular app to be enjoyed before finals season. They also announced that the dining staff would be reviewing the survey results from earlier in the semester to […]

Horoscopes for week of April 26

Aries – You’re getting married! How fun to be entering into the new phase of your life! Wait…not married…buried, you’re getting buried. That’s not good. Best of luck to you on trying to figure that one out. Taurus – You are going to be so upset when you go back to your dorm, with your […]

The HWL unit Brandeis THINKS will help us

In life some things just seem to happen for a reason, whether or not they were planned by someone else deliberately. These moments become learning experiences for us all as they teach us to navigate the truly unpredictable world we inhabit. We Brandeis students faced such an event last Saturday as nearly half of campus […]

Heller student named plaintiff in class action lawsuit against U.S. Department of Education

Tristan Campbell (GRAD), a student at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, was one of 33 named plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education with hopes to eliminate the religious exemption from Title IX, which currently allows religious institutions to discriminate against LGBT students.  The lawsuit, filed by […]

So, you want to study abroad?

Studying abroad is the gateway to the world for us uninformed and naïve college students. It is our one-month free trial of the world, you could say, before we fully enter into it and have to juggle all the responsibilities that are baked into adulthood. I mean, how do we even begin to understand how […]

In the Senate, March 21

UPDATED: March 27, 9:30 p.m. The Senate passed a vote to charter the Brandeis University Consulting Club (BUCC) after the club had attempted, but failed, to be chartered last semester. The club has made connections with the nine largest consulting firms within the United States and intends to use its chartered status to promote events […]

The ending of the Brandeis quarantine experience

On March 25 at 12 a.m., I was released from a 10-day quarantine in my room. Now this article is meant to be used as a comparison as to how I thought this was going to go before I was put in here. So to bring you all up to speed my mental state can […]

The beginning of the Brandeis quarantine experience

Coming to campus is a risk and it comes with the potential of being placed into isolation or quarantine. On March 14, I was placed into a ten-day quarantine in my room. Now, I know for many, being put into quarantine is a scary thing, but I want to write this article now and another […]

In the Senate, March 7

Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 proposed repurposing the form used to send messages on Kindness Day to instead send messages of appreciation to the faculty and staff during appreciation week.  Sourirajan also proposed a mock graduation event where seniors would have the opportunity to walk the stage, despite having a virtual commencement.  Chair of the […]

Disney+ is the new homewrecker

If you are into the Marvel Cinematic Universe or simply exist on earth, I am sure you have had your ears flooded with comments about the ending of the show “WandaVision.” While it was intensely seasoned with bittersweet emotions, and the philosophical discussion about the ship of Theseus may have saved the franchise, it also […]

A recipe for the “perfect” mini-movie

It is not surprising that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) would release a mini-movie considering the new food options on their menu. Buckets of grease are their specialty, both in chicken form and in Mario Lopez’s hair gel as he plays Harlan Sanders in this cluster fork of a mini-movie. This mini-movie, called “A Recipe for […]

Meaning in life and why it matters

The title of this article is daunting and just as a quick disclaimer, no I am not attempting to discover the meaning of life now (that’s a different article for the future). What I will be doing in this article is talking about a man who helped me and hundreds of students like me discover […]

To all the econ majors I’ve hated before

I was sitting here at my desk just thinking about what kind of article of mine you Brandeisians would love to read in our first print for this semester. I am ashamed to admit that I was thinking about writing the cliché of how it’s a new year, new us and how we all make […]

Slowing down to appreciate the moment

Life is always teaching us when we least expect it, and my dog, Scout, has been the one teaching me a lot my whole life. From how to always be there for someone to taking care of others when they need help like Scout does now in his cone—life and Scout are always teaching me. […]

Why am I here?: life updates

Here we are, another old column back by popular demand! Except this time popular demand means my girlfriend saying, “remember that terrible idea you had for a column last year, yeah bring that old corpse back.” So back by “popular demand” the corpse of “Why am I here?” returns.  Since I originally wrote this column […]

Post-election horoscopes

Well, due to popular demand, and by popular demand, I mean my mother saying, “Do another star sign one that was funny,” I bring you another set of horoscopes. I know it is still a few days after the election, so for those of you trying to process the results and what has been happening […]

How to Halloween during the coronavirus

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again! Yes, that’s right—it’s getting close to that time to let your hair down, let it all hang out and just let it be … Sorry, I couldn’t think of a third one to finish the set. Halloween is coming, and it is the night when caution is thrown […]