University begins preparations for 75th celebration

2023 marks the university’s 75th anniversary of its founding in 1948. University president Ron Liebowitz sent an email to community members noting, “it is remarkable to reflect on just how far this university has come, in such a short time.”  The year-long celebration will focus on four guiding themes including: innovation in education, repairing the […]

The stories held in the library halls

Farber Library is a common place for Brandeis students to meet up with friends and do work. Now it is questionable how much work you will get done on Farber Mezzanine, but the building has some of the highest foot traffic on campus as it is frequented by students working on group projects and going […]

BookTok worth it or not: ‘These Violent Delights’

Folks, I told you I would be back with another review and here I am fulfilling that promise. Here’s my deal for those of you who are new in town. I am Victoria. I like to read. It’s actually sometimes a problem. But not for the paper it’s not because it supplies us with content. […]

Student Union announces open positions to students

Student Union president Peyton Gillespie wrote to community members that there were opportunities in the student government for students to pursue. Gillespie wrote of available positions in the student government in the executive board and the treasury.  In the executive board, the Director of Residential Life position is open, according to Gillespie. The time commitment […]

The first of the lasts

The end has to begin somewhere. We just don’t usually notice that we’ve entered the end until whatever it was has commenced. Therefore, it makes it hard to say when the beginning stops being the beginning and when the middle has become the inevitable end. For this case in particular, let us establish that we […]

BookTok worth it or not: ‘Mexican Gothic’

Dear readers, welcome back for another edition of BookTok worth it or not! New year, new books and we’ve got some great books lined up to be reviewed. Over winter break I made it my goal to get to 50 books for the year after leaving off last semester at 46 so we’ve got some […]

Former univ. dining worker passes away

Jane Flood—a former university dining worker—passed away at 76 on Jan. 5, 2023. Flood worked at the university starting in 1993 and created a legacy among students.  Flood began working at the university in Dining Services, aaccording to Framingham Source. She worked the register in Lower Usdan Dining Hall where she connected with students. Flood […]

Sports industry shows blatant disregard of players’ health

On Jan. 2, the whole world watched in horror as a normal football game quickly became an absolute nightmare. It was a Monday Night Football game that had huge playoff implications. The Buffalo Bills faced the Cincinnati Bengals as both teams were trying to get the number one seed in the American Football Conference (AFC). […]

Most anticipated releases of 2023

Usually the books I read and review have already been vetted by the masses. I like knowing that people enjoyed them before investing money in them, or better yet, I can borrow books that have already been read by someone whose opinion I trust. However, 2023 has some promising book releases that I’m extremely excited […]

Univ. redesigns commencement

The university announced that it will be re-shaping its plans for the 2023 commencement, according to an email sent to community members on Dec. 15. Commencement is set to happen on May 21, according to the university’s event calendar.  Members of the graduating class of 2023 received an email on Oct. 20 asking for feedback […]

German and WMGS prof receives ‘Volkmar and Margret Sander Prize’

Professor Sabine von Mering (GER & WMGS)—Director of the Center for German and European Studies—has been awarded the Volkmar and Margret Sander Prize by Deutsches Haus at New York University (NYU). It’s given annually to individuals who help build relationships between German and American culture, politics and academics, according to the prize page. von Mering […]

Student Union Judiciary rules for probation instead of impeachment

The Student Union Judiciary gave its formal opinion on Nov. 18 regarding the impeachment of Senator Zachary Moskovits ’26. The Judiciary ruled to not impeach Moskovits but to put him on a probationary period.  The Judiciary opted to acquit Moskovits and not remove him from his seat as Massell Quad Senator because of the lack […]

Prof. research cognitive abilities of older adult inventors

A new study co-written by Margie Lachman (PSYC) discusses new findings of how cognitive processes increase in age in experience-based knowledge and decrease in the ability to process novel information. The research builds off of previous research that found creative ability typically peaks during an individual’s mid-30s to early 40s. Lachman’s research—with co-authors Mary Kaltenberg […]

BookTok worth it or not: 2022 book recap

Well folks it has officially been a year of me reading books and reviewing them. What a journey this has been. It’s been nice reconnecting with reading for fun and not as just a chore for class work and it’s also weird to think it’s been a whole year. My goal of 50 books for […]

Pass/Fail Deadline reopened for students

The university announced it would be reopening the pass-fail registration for the 2022 Fall semester, according to an email sent by upper administration to community members. The pass-fail registration was reopened in light of the accident that occurred on Nov. 19.  “We know that everyone reacts to tragedy differently, depending on one’s history, relationships, and […]

Louis Brandeis is a Scorpio

This week on Nov. 13 marked the 166th birthday of our university’s namesake Justice Louis D. Brandeis. Many students may not know the impact of the man whose statue they put orange cones on top of, so to celebrate the big 1-6-6 we want to honor the life and legacy of our namesake.    Brandeis—the […]

Student Union moves to impeach senator

On Sunday, Nov. 6 at the weekly Senate meeting, the Student Union heard the proceedings for a motion to impeach Senator Zachary Moskovits ’26. The articles of impeachment were put forward by Nicholas Kanan ’23, after an incident that occurred with three students and Moskovits on Oct. 26. Kanan highlighted four violations of the Student […]

Welcome to the Vicky Mouse Clubhouse: Come inside it’s fun inside

I have to say, I’ve never had that big of a problem with Brandeis housing. I’ve evaded the mold, avoided the ant infestations of Grad and only had nightmares of ever encountering an East bug. Truly I only had a brief problem with heating my freshman year when we walked around in winter coats because […]

Mock Trial hosts 17th annual Justice Louis D. Brandeis Tournament

Brandeis University Mock Trial Association (BUMTA)—the official student-run mock trial organization of the university—hosted the 17th annual Justice Louis D. Brandeis Tournament from Nov. 12-13. The tournament featured 12 teams from 10 colleges and universities across the East Coast and one from Tennessee.    “This was our first time hosting an in-person tournament on the […]

‘The Crown’ season 5: God save the queen

I’ve been watching “The Crown” since 2016, because every 15-year-old should be watching a drama about the British royal family. While “The Crown” isn’t one of my favorite shows, I do enjoy using it as background noise while I’m folding laundry or doing other chores.  The series has received critical acclaim, having received both Emmy […]