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Indecent exposure at Walgreens

In an email sent out to the Brandeis community Tuesday afternoon, Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan relayed information about an incident occurring at the Walgreens at the corner of Weston and South streets in Waltham. A Brandeis student, who was shopping there Monday evening, was victim to an act of indecent exposure. According to the email, a white male “exposed himself” to the student and then took off without being identified beyond a general description.

The 30-50-year-old male suspect stands six feet tall and has a medium build. He was seen wearing a green hat with ear flaps, a dark winter jacket and gray sweatpants, according to the police report filed. Callahan mentioned in the email that the Waltham police are currently investigating the incident and, in a separate statement to The Brandeis Hoot, that there was no further information available.

This was the first act of indecent exposure to occur in the Brandeis community since an incident in August 2010. A man in his 20s was reported to have been exposing himself inside an empty Harlan Chapel, the Protestant chapel on campus. That incident had no direct targets, while this most recent incident was targeted at this particular student.

Anyone with any information relating to this incident at Walgreens should report it to the Waltham Police.

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