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Comic dating coaches share wisdom with students

Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell, contrary to what their ordinary and boring names suggest, have managed to become semi-famous because of the amazing virtual portal we call the Internet. Dave and Ethan made their YouTube debut in 2009 with their video “Double Date Us: Dave and Ethan Introduction,” where they challenged girls to double date them. They were shocked that their video triggered such a large response, as women from across the globe showed an interest in double dating them.

Dave and Ethan made a bold entrance to Brandeis with their performance “Winter Week: Dave and Ethan—Comic Dating Coaches” in Brandeis’ Shapiro Campus Center Theater on Saturday, Jan. 17. They consider themselves the ultimate dating experts, having gone on 200 dates (after their first video was well received) and used this opportunity to try practically every dating trick in the book. Having acquired a vast amount of knowledge about the dating scene, their massive repertoire has been put to good use as they perform live, in our case to inform Brandeis students how best to win that special person’s heart.

The results were hilarious. Dave and Ethan delivered bogus advice, and won the audience’s heart along the way. In order to impress a girl, Dave and Ethan recommended faking an accent. Because of their extensive practice at the art, they were able to deliver spotty renditions of Russian, French and Spanish accents. Their second token of advice was to be able to sing, and sing one’s heart out—because nothing wins a girl’s heart over more than the ability to serenade her into complete ecstasy. They then sang a song they composed themselves, a true indicator of their awesome dating prowess. All was taken in humor, as those kinds of superficial qualities don’t actually determine how well a person will be received. Yet being able to sing, and sing powerfully, never hurt anyone.

The performance commenced with skits that required spectator interaction. One Brandeis student from the audience was asked to recount her first date, given that it was an awful and unsatisfying experience. In her rendition of the encounter, many things went wrong, but the underlying problem was an inability for both partners to adequately communicate to each other what they wanted. She wanted a nice, relaxing first date, and he wanted her to physically exert herself, expecting her to carry her own canoe and row to their destination. Dave and Ethan performed two versions of the story: one that closely resembled her date, and another where improvements were made so that communication was improved. When entertainers laugh at themselves during their skit it’s obvious that they’re doing something right.

Another part of their act incorporated a “dating game,” where a bachelorette was chosen from the audience with the hopes that she would find her perfect match. Thereafter, three bachelors were anonymously chosen from the audience, and asked to sit on the other side of a white board so as to block her view of them. Dave and Ethan then handed her questions that she posed to the three potential bachelors, which ranged from “What’s your best pickup line?” to “What kind of cereal would you be and why?” Bachelors 1 and 3 gave sufficiently confident answers, but Bachelor 2 had a hard time thinking on his feet and overcoming an overwhelming awkwardness. To Dave and Ethan’s greatest surprise, it was later revealed that the Bachelorette dismissed Bachelors 1 and 3, given that she “just liked awkward guys.” As noted by one of the YouTubers, this was the kind of phenomenon that could only happen at Brandeis.

The performance was worth attending, because it played on our insecurities and doubts as we become involved in the dating world more and more. Dave and Ethan, having known each other for an exceptionally long time, are really capable as comedians; they simply have a knack for it.. They finished their performance on a high note as they sang their final tune, which recounted their romantic encounters in college—or the lack thereof. As they pointed out, in the end college really isn’t about finding that perfect person or fooling around—it’s about getting that golden ticket, your degree. Ultimately, don’t stress about your dating status; as long as you have your eye on the prize, you’re bound to come out on top.

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