“As You Like It” Bostonian theme falls short

It’s a hard task to keep people interested in a Shakespeare play in this day and age. For one, that’s because it’s nearly impossible to make Shakespeare relatable to the average audience. Hold Thy Peace director Barbara Spidle ’15 modernized “As You Like It” using a Boston theme. There is no better play to sum […]

“Crimson Peak” more like crimson bleak

Guillermo del Toro is the director of the new horror film “Crimson Peak,” which does not seem to inspire a single scream or interest. The film becomes the opposite of what del Toro had in mind, who dared to think that “Crimson Peak” would be a groundbreaking film in the horror genre. He thought this […]

Coffeehouse prefaces ‘Nightingale’s’ deliberate inclusivity

On Friday, Oct. 23, Brandeis Ensemble Theatre (BET) hosted “The Love of the Nightingale” coffeehouse to promote their play, a retelling of an ancient Greek myth. This play explores violence as a theme, especially sexual and racialized violence as well as gendered hostility and aggression. During the beginning of the event, cast members introduced themselves […]

John Unsworth balances library of the past, LTS future

Librarians have long been the stewards of human knowledge. Their trade dates all the way back to eighth-century Assyria. Throughout history, the roles and duties involved in keeping this knowledge have evolved. Librarians have acted as teachers, historians, researchers, archivists and living databases. More recently, they have acted as agents of the vast expanse of […]

College Notebook: Chaplains reflect on BU religious tolerance event

Seventeen students came together to share their coming out experiences at Boston University’s School of Theology on Wednesday, Oct. 21. Students in the group Sacred Worth hosted the event, “Sacred Stories,” with the goal of providing a safe space for students to share their stories while integrating a religious background. Brandeis’ chaplains reflected on this […]

Sage down during first round of registration

Sage, the university’s online records system, was down for approximately an hour on Wednesday when the first round of registration for the Spring 2016 semester began. Sage came back on in the afternoon and has been stable since then, so according to University Registrar Mark Hewitt, there will be no changes to the registration as […]

First-years compete in sustainability contest between buildings and quads

The first-year quads are competing to reduce waste and energy usage in a monthlong sustainability contest from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. The building that reduces their energy consumption the most and the quad that recycles the most material will recieve a to-be-determined prize. The original prize was a pizza party, but students voiced concerns […]

Alumni honored for activist contributions

Roy DeBerry ’70 MA ’78 Ph.D. ’79 and Susan Weidman Schneider ’65 were awarded the highest distinction for alumni in the Faculty Lounge on Saturday, Oct. 24. DeBerry, an activist and part of the student-led occupation of Brandeis’ Ford Hall in 1969, and Schneider, editor-in-chief of Lilith, a Jewish Feminist magazine, were given their awards […]

Flagel offers critiques, insights on campus culture and community

Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel joined the administration at Brandeis University in 2011, and relative to other administrators, he is consistently visible to the student body. Recently in an interview, he discussed his history, some of the idiosyncrasies of Brandeis culture and possible campus reforms. Flagel graduated with a Ph.D. in […]

‘Suffragette’ calls on women to “never give up the fight” for equality

In the midst of the feminist activism that has swept the country in recent decades, it is not surprising to see a film on the silver screen that took advantage of this interest in gender equality. It was the intention of director Sarah Gavron to make a standout political statement with her latest historical fiction […]

All-too-frequent alarms underscore larger problem

The high-pitched, deafening squeal of Brandeis’ alarms has, much to the dismay of residential students, become a part of everyday life. Alarms blare intermittently around campus, while almost every day you will hear a fire alarm set off in the southern residence quads. Such frequent false alarms from microwaves and cigarettes (excluding the purposeful drills) […]

Recent anonymous opinion piece offensive, makes baseless claims

A recent anonymous opinion piece in The Brandeis Hoot broadly claimed that CAs are raping students and that DCL is empowering them to break into your room to assist in their further victimization of residents, all under the shocking headline of “DCL wishes further harm upon students.” While I have no knowledge of the statistics […]

Early decision application process unfair for prospective students

As college students finish up midterms for their fall semesters, high school seniors continue the long and stressful process of applying to college. While those already at Brandeis no longer have to worry about applying to school—save any seniors looking at graduate schools—applications to Brandeis still have an impact on all of us. Be it […]