Introduction to the board of trustees

The Brandeis University Board of Trustees is, according to the university’s website, “comprised of up to 50 elected members” and is the “final authority on all aspects of the university’s operations.” The board has a number of specific functions that are carried out by a number of the committees, which include: “Academic Affairs; Audit; Budget […]

Take our campus journalism survey!

From the historic achievements of the Ford Hall 2015 movement to the Castle’s impending destruction, The Brandeis Hoot has covered a range of stories this year that all impact our community. However, it’s not always easy to cover the news: It’s emotional, it’s sometimes scary or shocking and it always involves our friends and our […]

Brandeis students need to be less stressed about stress

Brandeis students feel they face a lot of stress. Given the sheer number of stressors in their life—troubles with school, friends, family, substances, health and so on can really make a student stressed. But as far as I can tell, nothing causes a Brandeis student nearly as much stress as stress itself. Brandeis students need […]

JSA’s harumatsuri pleases with outstanding food

On Saturday, April 9, Brandeis’ Japanese Student Association (JSA) held its annual Harumatsuri (spring festival) in the Intercultural Center (ICC) from 1 to 3:30 p.m. The event drew in over 100 students, as it usually does, making Harumatsuri JSA’s biggest event of the year. The popularity of Harumatsuri is no secret as its main attraction […]

Graduate Student Association represents, advocates

What is the GSA? Most Brandeis undergraduate students might be unsure of what this acronym stands for. The GSA, or Graduate Student Association helps to represent graduate students at Brandeis as well as coordinate issues of student life between its students as well as to inform administrators. A number of the goals of the GSA […]

Prof. Jonathan Sarna named Univ. Prof., reflects on time at Brandeis

Professor Jonathan Sarna ’75 was named University professor, the highest ranking position a professor can receive. Sarna specializes in American Jewish History in the department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS). He has been teaching students at Brandeis University since 1990 and has held chairs in the department three separate times. He is now […]

‘A Cast of Colors’ marks the start of the Festival of the Creative Arts

Helping kick off the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts, or “Bernstein Week,” were student performances taking on many innovative and thought-provoking forms in a Departmental project titled “A Cast of Colors.” The exhibition demonstrates the efforts of CAST (Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation) minors as well as all students enrolled in the […]

Softball drops two

The Brandeis softball team played two games against Babson this week. The first took place on Monday and the second was scheduled for Tuesday but postponed to Wednesday due to rain. The Judges dropped both games to Babson. In the first game on Monday against Babson, the Judges lost 4-2 at home. Babson threatened in […]

The mysterious graffiti box explained

You may have passed by the SCC last week and wondered why there was a giant wooden box. With no identifying information, it may have been puzzling to understand what the purpose of the box was—the inner controversial theorist may have even guessed that it was part of a social experiment. However, the box’s purpose […]

The Lumineers ‘Cleopatra’ glints in the distant wake of first album

I’m an unabashed fan of The Lumineers. I came upon their namesake first album at the height of its popularity, and listened the hell out of the sing-song “Ho Hey.” I only later appreciated and embraced the rhythmic callings of “Dead Sea,” the common identity begging to be found in “Stubborn Love” and the upbeat […]

Penny-jammed doors at Grad a security and financial problem

Brandeis has spent over $5,000 to repair locks on exterior doors of all four buildings at the Charles River (Grad) apartments that students have jammed with pennies or other objects. The Department of Community Living (DCL) announced Monday they would bill every Grad resident to cover the costs of repair, but DCL does not intend […]

“Eye in the Sky” drops hard hitting bombs on audience

“Eye in the Sky,” the latest directorial effort from director/screenwriter/actor Gavin Hood, is an excellent critique of the modern war on terror that presents all the sides of a specific issue—drone strikes—while also making the filmmakers’ opinion on it clear. It skips circular logic and asks its audience their opinion on extrajudicial assassinations by the […]

Work to end the disconnect between students, admin.

Questioning free speech on college campuses is quite popular these days, with outlets like The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Huffington Post and others discussing whether college students are “coddled” or not. At least on our campus, I would not say that I see this notion manifesting itself in any ways other than fierce […]

Honesty, working for others defines Brandeis spirit

The first time I visited Brandeis, I came away with the sense that I couldn’t possibly end up coming here. The architecture was ugly. 1960s era architecture mixed with early 2000s, and everything in between? Brandeis looked like its buildings were pulled out of a grab bag. The student offerings didn’t stick out as exceptional. […]

Prof. George Ross returns to Brandeis to discuss European Dream

The European Union is in a state of multiple crises, according to George Ross, the ad personam Chaire Jean Monnet at University of Montreal-McGill Center for Excellence on the European Union. Having taught in the Sociology and Politics departments and International and Global Studies program for 40 years, Ross returned to Brandeis on Tuesday, April […]

Brandeis Jazz Ensemble swings into spring with semester show

As the campus begins to come alive with activity again while the winter draws to a close, the Brandeis University Jazz Ensemble brought forth a performance that was surely as unprecedented as the latest bout of inclement weather. Scheduled for this past Sunday, amid the general hubbub of Admitted Students Day, the ensemble’s semester show, […]

Full weekend for tennis teams

This past weekend both Brandeis’ men’s and women’s tennis teams saw some highs and lows as they are nearing the final stretch of their seasons. Both teams are led by head coach Ben Lamanna and assistant coach Michael Kopelman. The team captains for the women’s side are Sarita Biswas ’16 and Hannah Marion ’16, while […]

Men’s Club Volleyball goes to Nationals

These past two weeks have been a very exciting time for our Brandeis Judges men’s club volleyball team. The team features three graduate students (Jake Shafran, Allan Volf and Peter Walton), two seniors (Milo Charny-Rosen and David Burakovsky), one junior (Ean Silbar), two sophomores (Philip Cooper and Kevin Vallejo) and two first-years (Wyatt Emenaker and […]