Univ. must remain responsive to student opinion

It is no secret that many facets of Brandeis University’s operations are in need of improvement, from student relations with the administration to the food currently served at Sherman. At this time of year, complaints are often geared at the Department of Community Living (DCL) due to the housing selection processes. This year, the DCL […]

Asian American studies course returns after five years with new professor

Patrick Chung, an adjunct lecturer, will teach the new course on Asian American Experience, said members of the Brandeis Asian American Task Force (BAATF) at a town hall event this past Monday. The course is part of the anticipated Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) minor that students and faculty are working to design. Chung graduated […]

Don’t make the library your home during finals week

That time of the year has, once again, come to pass. Finals week. The week where you will not see many of your friends for over two and a half months and you spend time buried in your textbooks. It is as inevitable as the end of the year is: The library is your new […]

Maintain a steady supply of menstrual products at C-store

Brenda was going about her Saturday when she had a surprise visit from Mother Nature. She had started her period, but she had run out of feminine care products. She decided to buy tampons from the C-store. Unfortunately, the only menstrual products available were super tampons. Brenda tried to use the super tampons, but found […]

The housing lottery: where the odds are never in your favor

Dealing with the Department of Community Living (DCL) housing lottery is the bane of my existence at Brandeis. It is how I imagine many people feel about dealing with the IRS. Many people have already discussed the problems with the amount and quality of housing, but my beef is with the system of choosing itself. […]

With Castle construction planned, Class of 2019 considers housing options

With the upcoming construction planned for Usen Castle, rising sophomores had to consider that the building will be closed next spring when selecting housing in the lottery last week. Housing selection for the first-year class began Monday, April 4, and while East Quad, North Quad, Massell Quad and 567 South Street will be available all […]

Adagio dancers make a touchdown with latest spring performance

There is nothing as fantastical as watching humans in motion. Dance in and of itself is such a beautiful form of self-expression—able to convey such emotion, feeling and finesse—that when performed in unison, displays the grandeur of the human form. The same can be said about Adagio Dance Company’s most recent performance “Undefeated: Adagio Spring […]

Peeping Tom harasses East Quad residents

An unidentified person has been looking into women’s showers in East Quad while residents are using them, Area Coordinator Ariel Hernandez confirmed in an email to quad residents. This “peeping Tom” incident has been the sixth reported since December 2012. Since that date, electronic key swipe access has been installed in East, and bathroom doors […]