Alix Klineman and April Ross earn victory at AVP Manhattan Beach Open

The pinnacle of a volleyball girl’s dream is winning the Manhattan Beach American Volleyball Pro Open. The names of the previous victor’s names line the pier for every visitor and local to see. Pairs prepare all year for this tournament and to show their talents to their friends and family. This past Sunday the southern […]

Video Action Replay damages, not enhances

The 2018 FIFA World Cup ushered in a new era of soccer—for refereeing at least. FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, lauded themselves for their implementation of the latest soccer technology: Video Assistant Referee, or VAR. VAR made its international debut in the Confederations Cup in the summer of 2017, but 2018 was the […]

Volleyball 2018 season preview: Family Fights Together

When the women’s volleyball team improved on their record of 7-21 in the 2016 season to a 17-15 record in the 2017 season, there was not much to attribute to the improvement besides an impassioned adjustment in team culture. Emphasizing the value of each team member and working to incorporate a more family-centered off-court culture […]

Summer of a student athlete

Over the summer, Brandeis student athletes may stop being students and become interns, employees or coaches, but they never stop being athletes. No matter the results of the last season, student athletes are looking to build on success and improve for the next season, and a lot of that work and preparation happens over the […]

The best (and worst) of summer movies

Noah: You know what, Jonah, I think it was actually a good summer for movies. I think I tend to go see more arthouse/independent stuff, and I feel pretty satisfied with what I saw. There were quality movies coming out like every two weeks—it wasn’t like 2017, which, to me, seemed like a real drought […]

Meet the CORE Committee

Each year as a wide-eyed group of new first-year and transfer students descend upon campus in late August, they are greeted by energetic Brandeis students. Known to them as their Orientation Leaders (OLs), sporting anything from bucket hats to their matching bright blue shirts, their friendly faces and positive attitudes help the new students assimilate […]

John Oliver interviews Prof. Anita Hill

Anita Hill (HS/WGSS) appeared on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”  on July 29 to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace. Oliver interviewed Hill, discussing her 1991 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee—which created a national conversation on workplace sexual harassment—and its relevance to the current “#metoo” movement. Hill is a professor of social policy, […]

Brandeis hosts 74th Composers Conference

Brandeis University has become the new home for the annual Composers Conference, a two-week long program in which musicians and composers of all ages come together to study, compose and perform. Brandeis was chosen to host the 74th season of the conference this year, from July 29 to Aug. 12. Brandeis will also host the […]

“Joe Pera Talks With You” regrows your soul

Late night programming block Adult Swim has built its brand on off-color, caustic comedy, but earlier this summer, something completely different premiered: the sincere, meditative, and caring “Joe Pera Talks With You.” It’s an incredible work of empathy, rooted to an entirely unique character—the kind of show that just might make you feel better after […]

New members join president’s office staff

Four new members, William R. O’Reilly, Carol Onorato, Meghan Alvarez de Sotomayor and Orla O’Brien, have been appointed as staff to the Office of the President, according to an email sent out by President Liebowitz on June 4. Prior to coming to Brandeis, O’Reilly was a partner at the law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale […]

The Princeton Review ranks Brandeis as one of top colleges in U.S.

Brandeis has been ranked one of the top 384 universities in the country and one of the top universities in the Northeastern region in the “The Best 384 Colleges” book, published annually by The Princeton Review. The Princeton Review utilizes survey responses and statistics from the previous school year to determine their rankings. The book […]

Salmon replaces shipman as Head Coach of Brandeis fencing

Jennie Salmon has replaced long-time head coach of the Brandeis men’s and women’s fencing team Bill Shipman after he announced his retirement earlier this summer. Head coach since 1981, Shipman led the Judges to 13 men’s, women’s and combined Northeast Fencing Conference titles as well as five University Athletic Association (UAA) titles, according to the […]

Faculty Club implements new takeout prices

To-go diners will be charged at a rate of $0.75 per ounce for the salad bar or hot buffet takeout from the Faculty Club following a change in dining policy announced earlier this summer. A discount rate of $0.65 per ounce will be offered to to-go diners who choose to use a reusable to-go container […]

You don’t have to ‘find yourself’ abroad

Studying abroad is the best decision I made in college. I spent last spring semester in Madrid, Spain and learned more than in any semester at Brandeis. If you’re thinking about studying abroad, I highly encourage it. But you don’t have to subscribe to the myriad cliches out there, such as the idea that you’ll […]

Board of Trustees pushes divestment vote back

Fossil fuel divestment remains a central topic for students, faculty, administration and trustees entering the fall semester. A June statement from Liebowitz places a Board of Trustees vote on the matter in November. They are expected to vote on an updated version of the “Brandeis University as a Responsible Investor” document in September and use […]

Climate change could change the technological world as we know it

Since Scott Pruitt resigned as head administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), former deputy administrator Andrew Wheeler has stepped up as the current acting head administrator. Environmental activists and Democrats are holding their breath to see if Wheeler has the ability to reverse poor choices made by Pruitt that not only cause further harm […]

Swiss Post Solutions becomes new mailroom partner

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) has replaced Xerox as the Brandeis mailroom operating partner after complaints from students, faculty and staff of lost packages and slow delivery. Swiss Post Solutions began their contract with Brandeis on June 1, and since then the mailroom has received new package tracking software and a new store manager. The change […]

The entertainment industry needs to limit sensationalism

Sensationalism is a way of presenting a story to make it more entertaining. Oftentimes in journalism, sensationalizing a story compromises the truthfulness of the piece from lack of integrity. But since the entertainment industry is not in the business of informing the public in an unbiased manner, sensationalism is utilized by many programs in entertainment […]

An open letter to the Class of 2022

Dear Class of 2022, Two years ago I was in your shoes—I could feel the butterflies in my stomach, nervous and excited, sitting in the car waiting to drive up Loop Road to my new residence hall. I watched the Orientation Leaders (OLs) do the “first year rumble” and jazzercise in the quad, and as […]

College students need better access to Plan B

During new student orientation at Brandeis, students are subjected to hours of presentations and skits, covering topics like drug and alcohol use, parties, relationships and perhaps most prominently: sexual health. These few hours of skits, which are likely to be the only sex education students receive while at Brandeis, are generally sex-positive. Unlike high school […]