Thanksgiving is the best holiday

This year has cemented in my mind the idea that Thanksgiving is the greatest of all the cold-month holidays. Bereft of the burden of extended family antagonism, turkey day becomes just that—a day dedicated wholly to the consumption of poultry, potatoes and pie. Perhaps the dearth of cousins and uncles allowed us room to really […]

You’re wrong more often than you think, and so am I

As any psychologist, neuroscientist or economist will tell you (the lattermost perhaps accompanied by an expletive or two), people are not entirely rational. In our decision-making, we do not often proceed consciously from evidently true axioms down a line of entirely transparent reasoning before reaching our conclusions. Rather, as one influential theory by social psychologist […]

Sal’s mobile pizza in Waltham needs work

Sal’s pizza has made another appearance in Waltham, this time in the form of a food truck, which offers delivery (but only within a three-mile radius, so not to Brandeis) and pickup. They offer their full pizza menu, in two sizes, small (10 inch) and large (14 inch). After our experience with the Sal’s on […]

11 unprovoked attacks in Waltham, Public Safety issues warning

There have been 11 unprovoked attacks in Waltham over the past month, according to a CNN article. Director of Public Safety Edward Callahan advised students, faculty and staff remaining on campus and in the Waltham area to “exercise extra caution,” according to an email sent by Callahan on Monday. The attacks began on Nov. 10 […]

Prof. finds social media linked to decline in vaccination

Disinformation campaigns launched on social media platforms have been linked to a decline in vaccination, Professor Steven Wilson (POL) found in a study that looked at social media and vaccine hesitancy.  Previous studies have shown that the most prominent vaccine content on social media is anti-vaccination messages, according to the study. There have also been […]

In the Senate, Nov. 29

Student Union Vice President Krupa Sourirajan ’23 announced that the Student Union will once again be giving its state of the union address as a series of pre-recorded videos and that it will be “done soon.” Chair of the Dining Committee Ashna Kelkar ’24 said that the committee “realized there are troubles with dining in […]

Streit named new director of student accessibility support

Dr. Cara Streit has been named the new director of Student Accessibility Support (SAS), a department within Academic Services. She started her position on Nov. 30. Streit was initially drawn to Brandeis because of the university’s commitment to social justice, she wrote to The Brandeis Hoot in an email. “I could tell that there is […]

Member of the public dies on Brandeis campus

A member of the Brandeis facilities crew found a person dead outside of Sachar International Center on Nov. 23, Executive Director of Communications and Media Relations Julie Jette told The Brandeis Hoot in an email. The person was not a member of the Brandeis community, wrote Jette. Jette said that the police were contacted immediately […]

‘Supernatural’ ends long run with wacky finale

“Supernatural” ran for 15 years, devouring days of our lives and taking years off of it. For a decade and a half, Jared Paledecki and Jensen Ackles have played the iconic brother duo Sam and Dean Winchester. Both of us binged an unholy amount of the show in recent weeks, frantically trying to catch up […]

Fan service done right in season two of ‘The Mandalorian’

Season two of “The Mandalorian” continues what was great about the first season, but improves upon it by connecting the show to other Star Wars properties. As of press time, four episodes have been released. Each one maintains a fine balance between episodic adventures and overarching storylines, with many references to other Star Wars properties […]

Prof. Gary Samore: the man who survived a terrorist attack

Imagine traveling to India for a conference and getting caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. You are stuck in your hotel room and hear explosions and gunshots all around you. Suddenly, when you are finally able to get some sleep, you hear an extremely loud explosion and see that your hotel is on […]