Welcome back to normal: everything is fine

A little over 18 months later and the pandemic is still happening. Remember when we were like “oh it’ll be like being grounded for two weeks” and then suddenly it turned into a year? Me too. But life is finally returning back to something that is somewhat normal. We are having classes in person, people […]

Univ. faculty and students attend 2021 climate march

Hundreds of people, including 90 Brandeis community members, partook in the Climate March in Boston on Sep. 24 demanding change to help mitigate the effects of climate change, according to a Boston Globe article.  Professors Sabine von Mering (GRALL, WGS, ENVS) and Sally Warner (ENVS, PHYS) helped coordinate busing for Brandeis students to attend the […]

Men’s soccer scores goals in bunches

Before the two contests of the past week, the Brandeis men’s soccer team was facing some tough defenses which led to struggles for their offense. Only one goal was scored in the Judges’ first six games of the season. That quickly changed when the Judges faced off against Bates College and Clark University.  In the […]

American railroads, in need of a deadweight loss

What is the single easiest Christmas or birthday present for a toddler? Whatever you are thinking is wrong because it without a doubt has to be Thomas the Tank Engine toys. If you happened to guess Thomas the Tank Engine toys then good for you, but everyone else, work on yourself a little. Thomas the […]

Classify world regions by their histories, not geography

Any undergraduate who studies history is understandably obligated to examine many corners of the world. Globalization first makes this necessary by having successfully amalgamated the individual threads of history into a holistic tapestry. The world now contains a unified history that affects the context of all countries within. Regional histories also lend relevance in themselves. […]

Stanisław Lem, a science fiction writer you should have heard of

The exact number is up for debate, and the reasons behind it are myriad, but the fact of the matter is that readers in the English speaking world read an exceptionally low number of books in translation—approximately 2 or 3 percent, according to an article by the BBC. Now, English is one of the world’s […]

Reflections on the 20th anniversary of Sep. 11

As we all know, this past month marked 20 years since the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11, in which nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children were murdered by terrorists in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. It is only thanks to the heroism of the passengers and crew of Flight 93, as well as the […]

Brandeis engineering program set to launch in 2025

A recent Brandeis Magazine article reports that Brandeis faculty have voted “overwhelmingly to approve a new interdepartmental engineering major.” According to the article, the new major will be in place no later than 2025.    Physics professor Seth Fraden Ph.D. ’87, is one of the Brandeis faculty members playing a prominent role in developing the […]

Brandeis’ journey of accessibility

Daniel Parker ’22 is a senior at Brandeis who shared his frustrations over the constant lack of accountability Brandeis has had in regards to addressing student concerns about accessibility. He described how the administration opened an open forum to provide a space for student concerns in January 2019, after students wrote a letter voicing concerns. […]

My thoughts on the Nintendo Direct

Nintendo had their third “Nintendo Direct” of the year last week, and I left with very mixed opinions. There was a lot covered in this 40-minute broadcast, so I’ll focus on the more important reveals.   Nintendo opened the presentation by announcing a DLC pack for “Monster Hunter Rise,” titled the “Sunbreak Expansion Pack.” This […]

Brandeis women’s soccer beats Lesley

Ranked 22nd nationally in Division III in the latest United Soccer Coaches Poll, the Brandeis University Women’s soccer team won their fifth game of the season at home in a non-conference match against Lesley University. Led by midfielder Daria Bakhtiari ’22, the Judges were able to edge out the Lynx by one goal, 2-1, in […]

Univ. prof releases third book on gender violence

Professor Anita Hill (HELLER) released her third book on Sep. 28. Titled “Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence.” This book is “a new manifesto about the origins and course of gender violence in our society,” according to its summary on Penguin Random House publishing website.  When discussing the process of writing the book, […]

‘MONTERO’ lives up to its name

Since the release of his debut song, “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X has faced his share of backlash and criticism. He’s been criticized on everything from his cowboy boots to his sexuality, by both those raised in the industry and those raised by bigotry, sometimes at the same time. But instead of affecting him, […]