Univ. maintains R1 status 

The university was under some pressure when the preliminary report of the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education was released, due to projection that the university would be bumped from R1 research institution to R2.   R1 denotes the highest ranking of the Carnegie Classification System and is reserved for institutions that have “Doctoral/Very High […]

After four years, Mitski returns with new masterpiece ‘Laurel Hell’

Like a good chunk of the 20-somethings trying to live their lives in a pandemic, I fell in love (or perhaps deeper in love) with Mitski. With her heart-wrenchingly poetic lyrics, hypnotic electric guitar-synth-bass sounds and an absolute siren-like voice, Mitski Miyawaki is perhaps one of the most compelling artists of our time. She’s been […]

An in-depth analysis of ‘Waltham Song’

Over December break, I fell into the never-ending void that is Spotify, and I may have discovered the best song to ever be released on the platform, “Waltham Song” by The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities. It is an ephemeral piece of music that touches upon important themes such as community, nature and friendship, […]

A profile of Sadjoy

Michael Schneeweis, who releases music under the name Sadjoy, describes himself as a poor interviewee. In his dedication to answering questions honestly, he feels he contradicts himself or does not answer questions as fully as he intended to. So instead of a formal outlined interview, Schneeweis and I just talked for a little over two […]

‘And Just Like That’ lacks the sexiness of its predecessor

I couldn’t help but wonder … Who was asking for a revival of the television series “Sex and the City?” Regardless of what we wanted, the revival is what we got. “And Just Like That” follows the 30-something city slickers of “Sex and the City” as 50-something jaded women. The original TV series was highly […]

The love-destroying, friendship-ruining board game that is ‘Catan’

I often hear others and sometimes myself say something to the effect of “It’s just a game, bro.” But the truth is when you’re playing a game, it’s rarely “just a game.” In these moments of gameplay, it becomes the only thing that matters to you. And oftentimes you’re so focused on winning the game […]

Superstars came out to play for Super Bowl 56

“This is one, that it either looks great or you look like a complete idiot if you call it”, said NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth when describing a play during the National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl.    Collinsworth was detailing a fourth and one yard play completed by wide receiver Cooper Kupp of the Los […]