‘The Sandman’ is a dreamlike and faithful adaptation

­­“The Sandman,” based on the successful comic of the same name, is an enjoyably dark and mind-bending TV series that does not shy away from the more strange aspects of its source material, and in fact, embraces them, with some shots pulling directly from comic book panels and many of the more disturbing scenes still […]

Brandeis’ message on Pride Month

On June 15, in the middle of Pride Month 2022, the university’s Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) Director Julián Cancino and University Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lee Bitsóí sent an email to the Brandeis community reaffirming Brandeis’ commitment to supporting LGBTQ students. In the email, the administrators acknowledge that the university has […]

Ohtani’s journey to win his second of many MVPs

It’s a warm Aug. 4 afternoon as the Los Angeles Angels face off against the Oakland Athletics. The Angels were losing at home, but it didn’t matter once a certain player stepped up to the plate. At the bottom of the seventh inning, everyone turned and focused at the plate as Angel’s two-way superstar Shohei […]

U.S. Open preview: Who will be lifting the big trophy?

It has been quite the year for tennis, and now we are at the final grand slam of 2022. Hosted in New York every year for almost a century, the U.S. Open is always a big event. 128 men and 128 women enter the main draw annually, but only one of each gender will emerge […]

CoCo Vandeweghe finds a ‘weghe’

For anyone who is familiar with professional tennis, on the women’s side especially, the name CoCo Vandeweghe may ring a bell. It may send others into some sort of alarm because of how much they idolize her. I include this reaction because after meeting her in person for the first time ever this week I […]