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Random NFL hot takes for each team

The National Football League (NFL) is officially in the offseason and I believe it is going to be a wild one. It seems like there are so many players that are rumored to be moving around that I think that the NFL landscape is going to be very different next season. Here’s one hot take that I have for each NFL team about their offseason or upcoming season. 

Arizona Cardinals: They draft a quarterback at number three.

The Cardinals are in a strange spot. Kliff Kingsbury is gone and quarterback Kyler Murray is not going to be ready to start until midway through next season. I think it is difficult to believe that they end up drafting a quarterback considering Murray has such a large contract, but Murray was connected to Kingsbury. Kingsbury went to draft him at number one but now he’s gone. Murray also is not incredible. Maybe the Cardinals want a clean slate and draft a quarterback at pick three. 

Atlanta Falcons: They trade for quarterback Lamar Jackson.

This take isn’t that crazy. The Falcons need a quarterback and Jackson is in limbo with the Baltimore Ravens. I can see this happening but the issue is that the Falcons are not a quarterback away from being good. The defense still has a lot of holes so trading for Jackson might not be the best move for them. 

Carolina Panthers: Matt Corral is the starting quarterback next season.

The Panthers may find a better option at quarterback. Maybe they draft one this year or roll with Sam Darnold again. Corral has an interesting upside though. He got injured last season so maybe we see more of him next season. 

Chicago Bears: They draft Bryce Young first overall.

This is definitely possible. Quarterback Justin Fields was electric last year, but I am not sure if he can be consistently successful in the NFL. This is another one of those moments where the team wants to do another restart. Young might be the way to go then considering he is such a polished prospect. If this happens, Fields is probably on the move. 

Dallas Cowboys: They sign wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

This isn’t really a bold take. I couldn’t think of anything interesting for the Cowboys. 

Detroit Lions: They draft quarterback Anthony Richardson at pick six.

I don’t believe that it is unreasonable to say that the Lions are going to draft a quarterback. Quarterback Jared Goff was decent last year, but he is not the long term option. The Lions are a legit team now and within a few years could be serious contenders. Richardson could be the guy to lead them there. He could use a year or two behind Goff to learn before taking the starting job. Drafting a quarterback isn’t that crazy, however at pick six seems a bit ambitious. 

Green Bay Packers: They get wide receiver Davante Adams back.

The Packers are a mess. Is quarterback Aaron Rodgers retiring or coming back? Are they going to trade him and play quarterback Jordan Love? If Rodgers comes back, I can see a world where Adams comes back for a year or two to play with Rodgers before he retires. The Packers just got all out to win now. 

Los Angeles Rams: They become a bottom five team in the league.

The Rams have a lot of good players for now. They have cornerback Jalen Ramsey, but are probably going to trade him. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp is great and so is quarterback Matthew Stafford, but they are both getting old and are coming off of injuries. Last year, the Rams went from Super Bowl champs to a 5-12 record. You can blame that on injuries but it is hard to see the team being good with few young high upside players and little draft capital. 

Minnesota Vikings: Justin Jefferson becomes the first wide receiver to win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

I believed that Jefferson is the best wide receiver in the league and should have gotten MVP votes this year. He was so integral to the Vikings’ offense and a big reason why they won any games this year. So many things need to happen for him to win it, but he probably has the best chance as of now. 

New Orleans Saints: Michael Thomas has over 1000 receiving yards next season.

Thomas might not be on the Saints next year, but if he is I think he would be a great compliment to wide receiver Chris Olave. A few years ago Thomas was one of the best wide receivers in the league. Injuries have taken a toll on him, but my gut is telling me that next year he returns to peak form. 

New York Giants: They draft a quarterback.

I am not a big fan of quarterback Daniel Jones. I think he played decently last year, but he’s definitely not a top tier quarterback. Yet, there are reports saying wants $45 million a year in his new contract. That is an incredible overpay even though the quarterback market is quite high. He probably just signs back with the team on a smaller contract but if not then drafting a quarterback could be the route. 

Philadelphia Eagles: They trade for Jalen Ramsey.

The Eagles are probably going to be prioritizing retaining some of their free agents and signing quarterback Jalen Hurts to a contract extension. However, we have seen general manager Howie Roseman make some crazy moves over the last couple of years and this could be another one. Adding Ramsey would help fill the possible loss of cornerback James Bradburry and definitely would be an upgrade. They always have the draft capital to make a trade happen, but this is more about their willingness to pay Ramsey an extension he wants. 

San Francisco 49ers: They trade Trey Lance and re-sign Jimmy Garoppolo.

Brock Purdy probably isn’t going anywhere after the end of the season he had. I know Lance has more upside, but they can use him to get some of the draft capital they have lost over the past couple of years. As for Garoppolo, he probably should leave and go sign with a team that will actually start him, but I think the 49ers use him as insurance in case Purdy regresses after the injury he had. 

Seattle Seahawks: They trade up and draft Bryce Young.

I don’t think it is difficult to believe that the Seahawks draft a quarterback. Even though quarterback Geno Smith was great last year, the Seahawks are probably looking long term and he doesn’t necessarily fit that bill. The part of this that I think is hard to believe is that they can even get Young. They are going to need to trade up to pick one or two and I am not sure they have the draft capital for that. But Young could be that long term Russell Wilson replacement. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Quarterback Kyle Trask goes to the Pro Bowl next season.

Trask may not even be the starting quarterback next year. However, after sitting behind the best quarterback of all time for two years, surely he learned something. Maybe somehow he learned enough to thrive in an offense that has two great wide receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. 

Washington Commanders: They go to the Super Bowl next year.

There is definitely some bias here considering I am a Commanders fan, however I don’t think this is that ridiculous of a take. Yes there are some uncertainties around the quarterback position, but I am intrigued with the potential that Sam Howell has. Also, the hiring of Eric Bieniemy could bring out the best in Howell. He was a part of the group that developed Mahomes into one of the best quarterbacks we have ever seen. I am not saying Howell is Mahomes, but Howell does have a great wide receiver core and running back group. Additionally, the defense is already fairly good so a combination of all this creates a legit playoff contender. 

Baltimore Ravens: They sign Geno Smith.

This is under the assumption that they trade Lamar Jackson. Even without Jackson, the Ravens are actually a solid football team. If they lose a quarterback, signing Smith to a smaller deal than Jackson would allow them to continue to compete for a few years. They fired offensive coordinator Greg Roman, so their offensive scheme could be changing anyway. 

Buffalo Bills: They trade up to draft Bijan Robinson.

The Bills are a great team with some big holes. They have an elite quarterback and wide receiver core with some solid depth at running back. Although they could use some help on defense and on the offensive line, I think that they just go for the home run pick and draft Robinson. They are going to want him so badly that they are going to trade up for him too, in order to make sure he doesn’t slip away. 

Cincinnati Bengals: They trade wide receiver Tee Higgins and draft a receiver.

This is another relatively realistic outcome. Higgins said he wanted a large amount of money and it is going to be difficult to pay him and Ja’Marr Chase. The Bengals GM said, “Trading Tee Higgins is not on my mind. If you want a receiver go find your own.” So it doesn’t seem like it is going to happen. 

Cleveland Browns: They re-sign Jacoby Brissett and he starts more games than Deshaun Watson. 

Watson should start every game next season, assuming he doesn’t get injured. He is one of the highest paid players in the entire league. However, he was terrible in the few games he started last season. I think the Browns resign Brissett just as insurance and eventually get frustrated with Watson. 

Denver Broncos: Russell Wilson is even worse than last year.

This is going to be hard to do considering Wilson was really bad last year. However, he is getting older so it is hard to believe he has any improvements left. They did bring in Sean Payton as their head coach, but he can’t exactly solve the physical problems that Wilson had last season. His arm isn’t the same and he isn’t nearly as mobile. 

Houston Texans: They do not draft a quarterback and instead sign a veteran.

This year’s quarterback class has some solid prospects. Young and C.J. Stroud are great, while Will Levis and Richardson have upsides. However, I think the Texans know that they are going to be bad for a while, and wait on a quarterback till next year. Maybe they instead sign Teddy Bridgewater or another veteran to work with quarterback Davis Mills. 

Indianapolis Colts: They do not trade up for a quarterback.

It almost seems inevitable that the Colts will draft a quarterback. They need a franchise quarterback badly. That is why it seems as if they will trade up to get the guy they want. However, I think they won’t need to. They will get their guy at pick four without needing to trade up. 

Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence finishes top three in the MVP voting.

This again is not a crazy take, but there are a lot of good MVP candidates for next season. Lawrence made a huge leap last year and I think next year will continue to thrive. If the Jaguars draft another receiver I think we are going to see a really strong year from Lawrence. 

Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce breaks the record for most receiving yards in a season.

Kelce has already established himself as one of the greatest tight ends ever, but I think next season he cements himself as the best. With Patrick Mahomes coming off of another amazing season, I think Kelce takes advantage and becomes even better. It seems unlikely that a tight end breaks the receiving yards record but if there is anyone that can do it, it would be him with Mahomes. 

Las Vegas Raiders: They win one game next season.

I don’t have a good take for the Raiders because they are all over the place. They have no idea what is going on at quarterback. One of their best offensive players is a free agent. I am just going to say with all of this dysfunction they win one game. 

Los Angeles Chargers: They trade for tight end Daren Waller.

I have no idea if the Raiders are trying to trade Waller. However, it will be very fun to see him catching balls from quarterback Justin Herbert. If the Raiders decide to tear everything down, then maybe Waller is on the move. 

Miami Dolphins: They trade for Lamar Jackson.

I already said that Jackson might go to the Falcons, however I think going to the Dolphins would also be interesting. Jackson in Mike McDaniel’s offense is a scary thought. I personally think that their quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa should retire after all of the concussions he had, so Jackson could be their new quarterback. 

New England Patriots: They draft another quarterback.

Patriots fans I am sorry to say this but Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe are not the answer. Both have shown flashes, but I think the Patriots are better off trading one or both of them and drafting a new guy. 

New York Jets: Zac Wilson is the week one starter.

After all of the controversy surrounding Wilson and the team possibly trading for Aaron Rodgers, I think the Jets just run it back with Wilson. I have no logic to this but I think it would be funny. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: Kenny Pickett becomes the worst starting quarterback in the NFL next year.

Pickett is still young and has many years to develop into becoming a better player. However, I don’t think that he will make that jump next year. In his rookie year, he wasn’t great as he threw just seven touchdowns and nine interceptions. He was just a rookie but a not-so-great offensive line and a regressing Najee Harris has me worried. 

Tennessee Titans: They draft zero wide receivers.

This would make no sense considering they need receiver help. I just have a strange feeling that the Titans are going against the logic of what they need for no reason. 

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