Ranking every Shakespeare play: part one

A fun fact about me is that I have seen, read, acted in and/or directed all of Shakespeare’s plays. On the Internet, there are many rankings of Shakespeare’s plays that enrage me, so I have dedicated a bit too much of my time to creating the (ahem) correct list. I am publishing it because I […]

Harvest Table declines to renew contract for workers with disabilities for six months

In November 2023, The Hoot spoke with Dan Sensale, the Site Supervisor for Opportunities For Inclusion, a Waltham-based community-centric dayhab organization that provides group supportive employment and aims to “serve individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, frail elders, and their families.” According to Sensale, Harvest Table had declined to renew its previously long-term contract […]

The perils of winter as a Brandeisian

If you’re reading this editorial, and have been on Brandeis’ campus recently, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve either a) slipped on ice around campus or b) seen someone else slip. Waltham is firmly in the northeastern United States and most students here are no stranger to cold, icy conditions, but campus has been […]

Hoot Doesn’t Recommend: worst media of 2023

Welcome back to Hoot Recommends: Things We Don’t Recommend Edition! In this article, members of The Hoot editorial board will be sharing the worst piece of media they’ve viewed this past year. Michael: My first article for the Hoot was a negative review of “Indiana Jones and the Dial Of Destiny.” I just rewatched it […]

‘At The Forest’s Edge’: a short story

Buddy was many things. He was happy, most of the time, a sort of haze of contentment that permeated his entire life. He was loved, lounging his days away surrounded by his family. He was also, perhaps most importantly, a dog. His long, fluffy tail waved as he stood in the park, head moving back […]

The history of ideas: a discipline for all

Truth be told, I’ve been wanting to write this column for a while. Alas, for all the time that I’d meant to write it I’ve been, shall we say, compromised. From August 2022 to January 2024, I was the History of Ideas (HOID) Program’s Undergraduate Department Representative (UDR). I surmised that the sincerity of my […]

Altruism, a hallmark of the running community

Whether it’s the noise of feet pounding on tarmac saturated in conversion and laughter or heavy breathing interspersed with the frequent “keep going, almost there,” running with my local running group brings a smile to my face and continually reminds me of the importance of community. In case you haven’t noticed, we humans were created […]

‘May December’ has terrific acting but slow storytelling

In 1996, elementary school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau was caught having a sexual relationship with her 12 year old student Vili Fualaau. After Letourneau served her prison sentence, and Fualaau became an adult, the two got married and raised their two daughters together. I do not think I have to explain why this whole situation […]

Brandeis students are publishing their own undergraduate philosophy journal

As a prominent research institution in the country, Brandeis is starting its own philosophy journal in the undergraduate philosophy community. Founded by Joseph Pendleton ’24 last summer, the journal gained its name Simpliciter, meaning “without qualifications.” Now, as the first official semester of Simpliciter, it has attracted over 55 submissions from institutions over the world, […]

Every book I read instead of finishing ‘Silver Nitrate’

I very rarely abandon a book without finishing it. This is quite a bad habit, as it means I waste my time forcing myself through books that I don’t like very much when I could be reading something more enjoyable instead. Sadly, I never learn. The latest novel I made myself finish was “Silver Nitrate” […]

Art behind the grappling phenomenon: an interview with the Brandeis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club

Born on the streets of Brazil, this martial art transcends mere self-defense, teaching its practitioners the art of resilience, strategy and inner strength. The Hoot sat down with the Brandeis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club, otherwise known as Brandeis BJJ, and spoke with its president, Max Greisberg ’25, and manager LJ Liao ’26. “Being different from traditional […]

Men’s basketball extends UAA season record to 2-3 with win against WashU

Since the last publication of The Hoot, the Brandeis men’s and women’s basketball teams have each played two more games against fellow University Athletic Association (UAA) teams. This continuation of the in-conference season was somewhat successful for the men’s team as they won one of their two games, while it was another opportunity for growth […]

Ask SSIS: How am I supposed to use your products when I have a roommate?

Thank you for writing SSIS! This is a great question, and something that a lot of college students have questions about. It may be helpful to start by having a conversation with your roommate. This could involve coming up with a weekly schedule to have the room to yourself, or creating a system to let […]

Mellon Sawyer seminar series hosts virtual event: ‘From Comfort Woman to Comfort Child: Genealogies of Gendered and Sexualized Violence in the Korean Diaspora’

On Jan. 23, Brandeis University hosted an online seminar titled “From Comfort Woman to Comfort Child: Genealogies of Gendered and Sexualized Violence in the Korean Diaspora” as a part of its Mellon Sawyer seminar series for the year, themed “Imperiled Bodies: Slavery, Colonialism, Citizenship and the Logics of Gender-Based Violence.” Yuri Doolan of Brandeis University […]

‘The Curse,’ a review

Have you ever had a dream that overwhelmed you with stress? You miss an important class, get into legal trouble or have a major drama amongst your friends? Then, when you wake up, you are filled with relief because you actually don’t have to deal with that stressful thing. That is what it is like […]

Brandeis faculty meeting motions: Jan. 19

This article serves to hold the text of the motions that were discussed at Jan. 19’s faculty meeting. This article includes the text of motions one, two, four, five and six. Motion one text: “We move that the Provost and the Senate together establish a new Task Force on Free Expression in order to come […]

Dunkin should accept meal exchanges

There are many issues that divide the Brandeis community right now, but here is something we can all agree upon: Dunkin should take meal exchanges. Dunkin is one of the best breakfast options on campus. They have lots of great food options, including muffins, donuts, munchkins and a delicious croissant sandwich. However, none of these […]