McMahon, Rickey leave positions, univ. searches for replacements

Brandeis is seeking new employees at the Office of Prevention Services (OPS) and Rape Crisis Center (RCC) after both Sheila McMahon, the director of Sexual Assault Services and Prevention, and Julia Rickey, the Survivor Advocate and Education Specialist, left Brandeis over the summer. With McMahon and Rickey gone, the OPS and the RCC fall under […]

Campus evacuated for seven hours due to emailed bomb threat

Staff, faculty and students were evacuated from the main Brandeis campus after administrators received a bomb threat in an email early Wednesday morning. At 4:50 p.m., close to seven hours after the emergency evacuation went into effect, Brandeis re-opened for residents. On Wednesday, campus residents first gathered on the playing fields while all non-essential staff […]

Campus evacuated for six hours and counting due to bomb threat

Update at 4:50 p.m. The Brandeis campus has been reopened, and students are free to return to their residences after a seven-hour evacuation. The university will resume normal operations tomorrow. Staff, faculty, and students were evacuated from the main Brandeis campus after administrators received a bomb threat in an email early this morning. Campus residents […]

Students, faculty, admin. respond to election results

Students have come together after Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, in the form of campus events, personal conversations and social media posts. On Wednesday, students could be seen hugging and crying around campus, offering support and having discussions among each other and in their classes. Trump won 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 228, according […]

Brandeis updates Climate Action Plan

Brandeis has reduced its carbon footprint for the first time since it signed a pledge in 2007 committing to reduce its energy consumption and work towards carbon neutrality, President Ron Liebowitz announced on Tuesday. The university reduced its footprint by eight percent between fiscal years 2015 and 2016 and used 10 percent less energy. Reducing […]

Brandeis joins national conversation on free menstrual products

UPDATED 10/23 There has been debate across campus about the possibility of providing free menstrual products for students. Brandeis joins other universities in this national conversation. Brown University implemented a program this year, and other universities are working on similar initiatives.  On Sept. 23, a columnist for The Brandeis Hoot wrote an opinion article arguing […]

A-Board uses 2/3 of budget, appeals still to come

The Allocations Board (A-Board) used approximately two-thirds of their available budget during Regular Marathon last week, where 131 clubs submitted funding requests, according to decisions released through the club leaders listserv on Oct. 9. Marathons are funding requests periods that happen every semester.  Clubs requested a total of $322,774.71 and A-Board allocated $191,353.94 of their […]

Diversity and total applications increase

The diversity and the overall size of Brandeis’ applicant pool increased this year, according to a presentation on admissions statistics from Andrew Flagel, the senior vice president for students and enrollment, at last Friday’s Faculty Meeting. The diversity of Brandeis’ first year class has been increasing at all stages of the admissions process. Brandeis is […]

Faculty approve Indigenous People’s Day at Brandeis

Brandeis faculty voted Friday to change “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous People’s Day” on the university’s academic calendar. “Our students have led us to this day. It appears to be a calendar change, but it is so much more than that,” said Susan Curnan, chair of the Faculty Senate, referencing a Student Union resolution and campus-wide […]

Gov. Dukakis speaks on past and present elections

Former Governor Michael Dukakis reflected on personal experiences to illustrate how the political landscape has changed since he has been involved in politics in front of a crowd of approximately 50 students Wednesday night.  Dukakis thinks this presidential election is “a little crazy,” that Donald Trump’s economic plan would create the worst recession since the […]

New hires at Hiatt and the Counseling Center

Brandeis increased diversity and expanded its outreach with several new hires at offices designed to support students, the Hiatt Career Center and the Brandeis Counseling Center (BCC). The Hiatt Career Center had two open positions this year and hired Sonia Liang to serve as a career counselor focused on supporting international students. There are three […]

Club leaders must participate in bystander intervention training

All club leaders must participate annually in bystander intervention training, as the result of a Student Union bylaw amendment officially announced via the club leaders listserv on Wednesday. The amendment was passed last year but will take effect now, and club leaders will have until the end of this academic year to complete the training. […]

Brandeis increases funding for diversity programs

Brandeis awarded $23,995 to more than 10 departments hosting events advancing diversity and inclusion efforts. A total of 11 events or trainings received funding and will take place throughout the year.  Over the summer, departments applied for funding that the Provost and Dean of Arts and Sciences allocated for academic departments to advance diversity and […]

Vote on Indigenous People’s Day deferred to faculty

The University Advisory Council (UAC) did not hold a vote to change the name of “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous People’s Day” on Brandeis’ academic calendar at their Thursday meeting, despite a student-led campaign and a petition that has accumulated more than 500 signatures this week. They will instead leave the decision to a faculty […]

Search narrows for Chief Diversity Officer

Brandeis is implementing new diversity training sessions and continuing the search for a Chief Diversity Officer, according to an Aug. 29 campus-wide email updating the community on Brandeis’ diversity and inclusion efforts. These changes arose from demands made by students and faculty in the Ford Hall 2015 movement last year. The CDO will be responsible for […]

Student Union welcomes new members

There was a discrepancy in number of candidates and voter turnout across the races in Fall Student Union elections, with results released early this morning. There were 10 candidates running for Class of 2020 Senator, six for Massell Quad Senator, but only one student each running for the positions of Ridgewood Quad Senator, Ziv Quad […]

Univ. examines general education requirements

Brandeis is reexamining its general education requirements this year, and this summer students provided their feedback regarding the benefits and drawbacks of each requirement through a survey sponsored by the Taskforce on General Education. The survey asked students to comment on which requirements they found useful and which they found easy or difficulty to complete. […]

New course ‘The Asian American Experience’ to be offered next semester

With course registration for next semester open, students can select a new class on Asian American history. The Brandeis Asian American Task Force (BAATF) demanded Brandeis offer this class and create a new department on Asian American and Pacific Islander studies in a campaign last semester. There is no cap on enrollment for this course, […]

Delegation from Al-Quds University spends a week at Brandeis

A delegation from Al-Quds University spent last week at Brandeis as part of a trip organized by students working to reinstate the partnership between the two schools that Brandeis suspended in 2013. Five students, one professor and the Director of Student Activities from Al-Quds arrived in Waltham on Tuesday, March 22 and spent six days […]

Univ. response to B.SASV offers clarifications and pledge to launch awareness campaign

Brandeis responded Monday to the second progress report from Brandeis Students Against Sexual Violence (B.SASV) which graded the university in 12 categories on their handling of sexual assault and rape culture on campus and informed students that some of their requests were already completed. Brandeis also outlined plans to clarify existing services and launch a […]