The slap heard around the world: the politics

You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. Unless you live with Patrick Star, we all know about the highlight of this past Sunday’s Oscars: Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in front of millions during the globally televised event. When I first heard about the slap, I was a little surprised, but I […]

Shabbat shalom, exploring the unknown: my experience visiting Shabbat services

“OMG you should totally come to services” were the words that I’d hear whenever my friends would talk about the event. “Hah! Jewish I did” was always the go-to response that left me fighting demons as I’d try to fight back against uttering, fighting an ego higher than gas prices. I never thought about taking […]

Euphoria? I’m EuFORIT

Part I – Before the Episode “You know that show with Zendaya and high school where everyone dresses edgy and there’s all the penises you could see?” “Do you mean Euphoria?” “Yeah.”   I haven’t seen the show, but if I had to describe it to someone based on what I’ve seen of it, I’d […]