Activists speak about the power of art

For some students, the beginning of a new academic year brought the opportunity to meet some well-known artists and social activists. The Creativity, Arts and Social Transformation (CAST) minor worked with Brandeis’ Imagining Together Platform of Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation (IMPACT) program to bring accomplished peacemakers and cultural artists to Brandeis to speak to […]

The Hoot’s hopes for the year

The editorial board of The Brandeis Hoot is looking forward to the upcoming year and keeping our expectations high for continuous positive change on campus. We are eager to see what the Student Union accomplishes this year. President Hannah Brown ’19 and Vice President Benedikt Reynolds ’19 ran with the platform of addressing Brandeis’ affordability, […]

President Liebowitz releases summary report of independent investigation

An independent investigation into the Brandeis athletics department found that there was insufficient supervision of Basketball Coach Brian Meehan and a failure of the interdisciplinary process to address his discrimination and abuse of the basketball team players, according to a 25-page summary report President Liebowitz released Wednesday, Sept. 4. The independent investigation and subsequent report […]

Spilling the beans on Cafe Undergrounds

Brandeis is a campus that runs on coffee. From Einstein’s, to Dunkin’ Donuts, to Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee, many students depend on the rush of caffeine to get them through their intense days filled with heavy course loads and extracurricular responsibilities. One student hopes to break through the pre-existing cafes at Brandeis with his own […]

A summer with the diplomats

Maria Kulchyckyj ’20 spent her summer looking out of an emblematic skyscraper in East Midtown, Manhattan, overlooking Roosevelt Island and the East River. Across the street resided the United Nations’ New York headquarters, where Maria worked for the United States Mission to the United Nations (USUN). The internship offered Maria the unique opportunity to discover […]

Economics and sustainability abroad

Many college students jump at the first opportunity to participate in a study abroad program. Living in a city of your choice, and picking from almost anywhere in the world is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. Grace Berry ’21, a politics and economics double major, took advantage of the opportunity […]

Reserve mental health terminology for professionals and patients

Even though most people recognize mental health as a serious issue, some do not always acknowledge that in their everyday language. Part of treating mentally ill people with respect is using psychology terms judiciously and reasonably. If these terms—like bipolar or schizophrenic—are used out of context, an individual might come off as uninformed or inconsiderate. […]

Head swim coach position filled

Nicole Carter will start as the new head coach of Brandeis women’s and men’s swimming and diving (BUSDT) on Sept. 10. Carter is a Wheaton College alum who has been an assistant coach for the Wheaton swim team for eight seasons. This will be the first time she’s taken on the role of head coach […]

Denzel Curry dives into the dark on ‘TA13OO’

Man, this album is good. Denzel Curry, former founding member of Miami’s Raider Klan and Soundcloud pioneer, is unfortunately most known for making the soundtrack to bottle-flip Vines. Yet, the 23 year old has shown more longevity than some of his peers, retaining a healthy-sized following in what is now the seventh year of his […]

Board of Trustees chair attends campus screening of climate change documentary

At the invitation of student and faculty sustainability groups, Board of Trustees Chair Meyer Koplow attended a Tuesday night screening of a documentary discussing the decline of conventional fossil fuels and the rise of extreme oil and gas extraction. The visit comes as the Board of Trustees considers a continued call from students, faculty and […]

Athletes should not be entirely to blame for doping charges

Growing up, I loved Maria Sharapova, a Russian tennis player. But in 2016, she was just another famous face that joined a long list of doping athletes who were pulled from their sport. Even though Sharapova’s ban was only for two years, and eventually shortened to 15 months, it was enough to drop her to […]

The future of free speech in social media

About a month ago, far-right radio host, conspiracy theorist and internet sensation Alex Jones suddenly found his entire media empire purged from the internet. As a result of some private and collective deliberation, most major media outlets united in a decision to scrub their sites of all content directly related to Jones and his infamous […]

Brandeis welcomes largest first-year class ever

On Aug. 26, the Brandeis campus welcomed 907 new students and 35 transfer students, the largest first-year class in the school’s history. Almost 100 Orientation Leaders (OLs), 77 Community Advisors (CAs) and various administrative staff assisted in the move-in process for all the incoming students. The top five represented states of the incoming class are […]

Brandeis welcomes new Dean of Arts and Sciences

Brandeis welcomed new Dean of Arts and Sciences Dorothy L. Hodgson, who replaced previous Dean Susan Birren (BIOL) and began her term on Aug. 20. Hodgson is a professor of anthropology and was previously the senior associate dean for academic affairs for the School of Graduate Studies at Rutgers University before coming to Brandeis. At […]

Cross country teams open seasons with high rank

UPDATED 11/17 at 10:23 p.m. For the third consecutive year, the women’s cross country team earned a national ranking from the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. This season’s national ranking is the highest the Judges have been ranked in the previous three seasons. The Judges are returning six of their […]

What does ‘journalistic integrity’ mean?

It is impossible to avoid the buzzwords—free speech, clickbait, partisanship, fake news—especially in journalism. They represent how far the media has fallen in the eyes of the public. Despite journalism’s failing image, it is necessary to remember the important role that journalism plays in our society. So what is that role? Not only do I […]

Brandeis to compensate faculty and staff for suspended retirement benefits

Brandeis has allocated $1 million to compensate faculty and staff whose retirement contributions were not matched by the university between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. Employees who were on the payroll between those dates, fiscal year 10, and who remain on the Brandeis payroll as of June 30, 2018, will receive $1,000 and […]

Brandeis and Hampton Univ. receive $4 million grant to promote minorities in science

Hampton University, a private historically black university in Virginia, has received a near $4 million grant over six years from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to perform collaborative research with Brandeis as part of the Partnerships for Research and Education in Materials (PREM) program. Their program is named: The Hampton University-Brandeis University Partnership for Research […]

A new season begins at the Rose

On Friday, Sept. 7, the Rose opened its new slate of fall exhibitions: “Tuesday Smillie: To Build Another World,” a collection of the trans-feminist activists’ work, and “Passage,” a retrospective of the Rose’s sizeable collection. The result is a museum that looks back on its past and to the future, providing a space to make […]

Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion releases update on initiatives

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has released a report detailing initiatives to increase professional development, faculty awareness and learning about diversity, and diversity within Brandeis faculty and student populations. The report describes multiple ongoing and completed projects for the academic year of 2018 under a variety of offices, including the president’s office and admissions. The […]