Musicals and masks: a night at the 74th Tony Awards

“What we do changes people’s lives. It changes people’s minds. It changes people’s hearts. We can change the world with this, let’s not forget that.” These were the words that concluded the speech made by the tearful Aaron Tveit as he accepted the award for Best Actor in a Musical at the 74th Tony Awards […]

Backpack stigma

When you’re on a college campus, self-expression becomes vitally important because over the course of your four years you are free to be who you truly are and explore who you want to be. If you want to walk around dressed like Naruto then do it! There is no one here that will clip your […]

Mold in Village housing removed

Students reported mold growing on the ceiling of the main floor of the Village B Residence Hall Common Room in September as well as in the bathrooms of Village C Residence Hall, according to Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Timothy Touchette, these issues have since been addressed. “There was mold in the ceiling on the […]

Tips on stress relief from someone who was always stressed

Admittedly, I would not consider myself the best person to share tips on how to relieve stress. Recently, though, I have acquired quite a few new skills that have helped me lower my baseline stress levels, so they have gone down from unbearable to slightly bearable. At Brandeis, a school where everyone is doing a […]

Health Center advises on staying healthy during flu season on campus

The Brandeis Health Center staff recommended community members get vaccinated for COVID-19 and the flu when advising the study body on how to approach the cold and flu season while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, said LaShaun Shaw, Administrative Director of The Brandeis Health Center, in an interview with The Brandeis Hoot.  For the past 18 […]

Margo Jefferson ’68 discusses her journey as a writer

Pulitzer Prize winner Margo Jefferson ’68 spoke to the Brandeis community about her journey as a writer in a recent Zoom webinar hosted by the Brandeis Women’s Network. The conversation was moderated by Brandeis alumni Trustee Barbara A. Dortch-Okara ’71, a retired Massachusetts Superior Court Judge. Both members are recipients of the Brandeis Alumni Achievement […]

Extra! Extra! TikTok all about it!

David Jorgenson, better known as “the Washington Post TikTok guy,” now has a total of one million followers and 44 million likes. The 143-year-old newspaper joined TikTok in 2019, aiming to combine important news and comedy in short video clips for the broad audience of this social media platform. In a conversation with the Brandeis […]

Cross country continues to amaze this season

At the Keene State Invitational, Brandeis cross country had a showing. Both men’s and women’s teams participated in competitions at Keene State College on Oct. 2. The men’s team came in second place overall against 11 other schools. The women’s team was dominant as they beat 11 other schools to win the competition. That marks […]

Panera’s Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich is an abomination

It appears as though Panera’s top chefs have been smoking a lot of pot recently and from that came their newest sandwich: the Grilled Mac & Cheese. Now, we review fast food so we cannot claim to be super health conscious, but even for us it seems like a lot of carbs. On the website […]

In the Senate 10/3

President of Active Minds Max Kipnes ’23 was successful in making Active Minds a chartered club on campus. Active Minds is the chapter of a national organization that aims to educate and communicate topics regarding mental health with students at Brandeis, according to the organization’s website.  Kipnes claimed that he plans to host a few […]

The most insane moviegoing experience you are ever going to have: ‘Titane’

It is that time of the year again. As the most prestigious film festivals around the globe come to a close, cinephiles have a chance to discover new auteurs stepping into the industry and catch up with their favorite directors’ latest work. I began my deep dive into the film festivals of 2021 with the […]

Brandeis announces further commitment to sustainability

University President Ron Liebowitz announced further commitments to sustainability from the Brandeis administration, according to an email sent to the Brandeis community on Oct. 6. In his email, Liebowitz highlighted ways Brandeis will “advance and deepen” efforts of sustainability.  The university is not going to make any new partnerships with fossil fuel companies, continuing the […]

‘In The Empty’ left us full

When we all heard that the Brandeis theater was doing a production that would take place in an outdoor tent outside of Spingold Theater, we knew we had to go. Live performances had been gone for so long due to the coronavirus, so we were eager to support our fellow Brandeisians and experience the joy […]

Spend money now, save money (and ourselves) later

It will save both money and lives to act swiftly and boldly against climate change. And yet, even elected officials who acknowledge the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is real and caused by human activity are refusing to support necessary policies.  Even setting aside the intrinsic value of a healthy planet, quality of life […]

Staying healthy during cold and flu season

Cooler weather and changing leaves are finally here, and autumn on campus is as beautiful as ever. The one downside: cold and flu season is just ramping up. The common cold has already been sweeping across campus, but we still have a chance to protect our community from the flu. One of the things that […]

What is Herbicide-Free Brandeis?

Herbicides are substances used throughout the world to maintain agriculture and help with landcare. Herbicides are composed of synthetic chemicals that are detrimental to the environment and human health. They lead to many environmental issues including soil degradation, natural ecosystem degradation, mass extinction of animals (such as pollinators) and water pollution. In addition, they have […]