‘The Great British Bake Off’ series 13 episode 10: And the winner is…

Well folks, we did it. Twelve bakers, 10 episodes and two and half months of recapping have all led to this moment: the crowning of this year’s Bake Off champion. It’s been an uneven series. The lovely bakers have been ill-served by terrible challenges and grouchy judges. Still, our final three are some of my […]

Student Union Judiciary rules for probation instead of impeachment

The Student Union Judiciary gave its formal opinion on Nov. 18 regarding the impeachment of Senator Zachary Moskovits ’26. The Judiciary ruled to not impeach Moskovits but to put him on a probationary period.  The Judiciary opted to acquit Moskovits and not remove him from his seat as Massell Quad Senator because of the lack […]

Prof. research cognitive abilities of older adult inventors

A new study co-written by Margie Lachman (PSYC) discusses new findings of how cognitive processes increase in age in experience-based knowledge and decrease in the ability to process novel information. The research builds off of previous research that found creative ability typically peaks during an individual’s mid-30s to early 40s. Lachman’s research—with co-authors Mary Kaltenberg […]

Swim and dive host first meet of the season

After a few away meets to start the season, the Brandeis swimming and diving team hosted their first home meet of the season on Nov. 19. The meet was against the United States Coast Guard Academy in a rematch from last year. Last year, the men’s team lost 185-97, while the women’s team lost 185-93.  […]

Thank you, Brandeis

In the wake of an unbelievable tragedy, we as an editorial board have never been prouder to be members of the Brandeis community. From the check-ins on the night of Nov. 19 that we all received from friends and classmates to the extremely accommodating response from the university’s administration, this community has been full of […]

BookTok worth it or not: 2022 book recap

Well folks it has officially been a year of me reading books and reviewing them. What a journey this has been. It’s been nice reconnecting with reading for fun and not as just a chore for class work and it’s also weird to think it’s been a whole year. My goal of 50 books for […]

Old-growth forests: One of our most precious natural carbon sinks, fewer in numbers than ever

The US Forest Service defines old-growth forests as “ecosystems distinguished by old trees and related structural attributes. Old growth encompasses the later stages of stand development that typically differ from younger stages in a variety of characteristics that may include tree size, accumulations of large dead woody material, number of canopy layers, species composition and […]

USMNT is going to win the World Cup

The United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) soccer team is going to win the 2022 World Cup. I am exaggerating here because I was very surprised to see them make it out of the group stage. Over the past 20 years, the USMNT has not been great. There have been a few great players, such […]

Dispatch from Bath: Remembrance Day

On the 104th anniversary of the Armistice of Compiègne that ended the First World War, I accepted without hesitation an invitation to attend a commemorative service at Bath Abbey in honor of those across Britain, the Empire, and the Commonwealth who had committed themselves to war. Few events throughout my time abroad in Britain thus […]

Pass/Fail Deadline reopened for students

The university announced it would be reopening the pass-fail registration for the 2022 Fall semester, according to an email sent by upper administration to community members. The pass-fail registration was reopened in light of the accident that occurred on Nov. 19.  “We know that everyone reacts to tragedy differently, depending on one’s history, relationships, and […]

Remembering Vanessa Mark

Editor’s Note: This article concerns Vanessa Mark, a student who recently passed away, and therefore may be emotionally challenging for some readers.  Twenty-five-year-old undergraduate student Vanessa Mark tragically passed away during the fatal Boston/Cambridge shuttle accident on Saturday, Nov. 15. Mark was on leave from Brandeis at the time, but was residing in Waltham. In […]

Interviews with Brandeis University’s academic leadership: The English department

Studying English and having good writing ability is the essential foundation for a well-rounded liberal arts education. Professor John Burt is the chair of the English department with an expertise on American literature. In his eyes, poetry and literature have gone beyond words and texts by having deeper implications that connect minds of the readers […]

The 2022 World Cup is on!

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is nearly out of the group stage. Thirty-two nations from all over the world have been competing over the past week playing a round-robin style of tournament at the moment to advance out of their group. The setup of the group stage is simple: there are eight groups each […]

Thanksgiving football recap

Along with Thanksgiving comes the triple F. Contrary to many, this does not stand for “forced family fun,” but rather it stands for “family, food and football.” The tradition of Thanksgiving football games dates back to college football in the 1800s, and has held strong throughout the past 150 years. This year’s Thanksgiving Day football […]

Perspectives from student leaders and community members following shuttle crash

On Nov. 29, in an interview with The Brandeis Hoot, Student Union President Peyton Gillespie ’25 and Student Union Vice President Lia Bergen ’25 spoke about the recent shuttle crash. They spoke on the sense of togetherness that swept the community in the wake of the crash, the administration’s response to the incident and more. […]